Monday, September 04, 2006

You look fine! Just one little change...

Hot Men in Waders

Kevin went fly-fishing with Chip one day in the Frying Pan River near Aspen. I don't mean to brag, but my man looks HAWT out there casting, don't you think? What form! Kevin had some lessons from a local whippersnapper, and caught himself some fish. The last photo here is of Chip with his catch.

Aspen Fountain

After years of going to Aspen in the summer and watching children play in this fountain, I finally have a little boy of my own to take there and play. It was so much fun seeing how Declan enjoyed himself; first just watching the other children, then getting into the water himself. In these first few pictures, you can see Chip, Ann, and Michael in the background, too.

New lid

Declan got lucky. THE Ellen Morris, who I've known longer than almost anyone else in Austin, and who takes no new clients, gave him his first haircut on July 19th. And although I admit to crying in the car on the way home, bawling "He's not my baby anymore," I have to say that his hair is fabulous. I don't think I'm being biased in saying that he's one of the most stylin' 18 month-olds out there. Check him out!

A boy and his cat

Sometimes, a boy just has his cat and his wagon.

These were taken in July, as we were preparing to move to the new house.

Also, take note of the beautiful blond curls on his neck. Kevin complained that it looked like a mullet, so Declan had his first haircut a few weeks later.

Chocolate pudding monster

I know a boy who loves chocolate pudding, and loves to run around in just a diaper... his name is Declan!

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Adamses of Virginia

Just about every summer, the Adams Family of Alexandria, Virginia heads to Houston to see their kinfolk and to get some of that fabulous hot weather. Since we's all but kin with them-uns, some representation of Team Letton McCabe makes the 160-mile journey to get in our Adams time. This year, it was just me (Libba) and Declan. We had lots of fun in some fairly toney spots, from the River Oaks Country Club for dinner to the Houston Racquet Club to swim in their new, fabulous pool.

On this occasion, Declan was sporting his long-sleeved, full UV-protection bathing suit that William handed down, with matching hat. Say no more!

Here I am with my two children: Tindall, who was my first child (though Jennifer bore her), and Declan, in his fab bathing suit. (Did I mention the matching hat?)

Everyone had a good time. By the way, if Jennifer looks preoccupied, it's because she has three kids. You'd look busy, too.

If you're wondering where are the pictures of Augusta, who was born in March, I regretfully admit to having taken no photos of her. I don't know what got into me. It's just that whenever I had the chance, I held her in my own arms instead of pointing the camera at her. She is a gorgeous, happy, and yummy little baby. She looks a lot like her brother William, and does an awful lot of smiling.

Enjoying the Colorado River

Earlier this summer, Trish & Dave Cole invited us out for an early evening on their boat in Lake Austin.

The sound of the motor and the boat's motion put Declan and his cohort, Reese, straight to sleep.

The mommies were the first in the water with the kiddos, and we all wore life jackets for easier floatation.

Now, if you can't see a good closeup of Reese in that picture, take a gander at this:

And this:

That was a great time. Thank you, Cole Family!

Happy Hour Playdate

Back in June, we were invited to Paul & Amy Tucker's house after work for some swimming-and-cocktails action. I'll let you surmise from the photos who was doing which activity.

Declan was quite taken with three year-old Ava's ability to use the slide, but didn't quite get that the slide only works one way.

Evan, 1 year, was content to chill, yo.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Naked Magoo

Declan decided one day that running around naked after his bath was the way to go.

These are all pretty basic naked baby pics, until you get to the last one. He appears to a bit milk-drunk.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy D

Libba took these while she was sitting in the living room (that's her robe that D is grabbing onto). His smile in all these shots is pretty priceless.

Some random pictures

Declan is really lucky - he's had the best daycare teachers, including Miss Betty. Here they're sitting in a rocker at school.

(we love Miss Betty!)

The look of concentration on Declan's face in these shots makes us laugh:

Declan's original nanny, Shannon, is now in school down at Texas State. Here he's representin' for the might Bobcats in a shirt that Shannon gave to him: